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TitleDiary for "Part of the Month of August & Septbr 1794"
Date8 August - 21 September 1794
WriterCharlotte, Queen Consort to George III
DescriptionThis diary is a factual account of Queen Charlotte's daily activities rather than a record of her thoughts and feelings. The diary has been catalogued to pick out key events or interesting entries as such not every day has an entry recorded below although Queen Charlotte has typically recorded each day in the diary.

This diary sees the Royal Family splitting their time as follows: Windsor, 1 - 15 August; Weymouth, 16 August - 27 September.

Due to Charlotte's sometimes idiosyncratic spellings and to enable greater discoverability, the names of people and places have been corrected and expanded in square brackets using the published edition of the diaries (see below) which contains further notes on people, places, and events mentioned.

8 August (f 3 r) - visit to Lady Newhaven, Lady Dashwood, and Lady Dashwood's family; dines at the Castle; walks [on the Terrace]
9 August (f 3 r, f 4 r) - visit from Lady Pembroke; visit to Frogmore; sits for picture by Gainsborough du Pont; dines at the Castle; walks [on Terrace]
12 August (f 6 r, f 7 r) - visit from the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Clarence; 'Grl Lee's Regiment Fired a Feu de joie in the Park on account of the Prince of W. Birth Day'; visits from Lady Bath, Lady Sidney, Lord and Lady Chatham, Lord and Lady Parker, and Colonel Grosvenor; Duchess of York dines; walks on the Terrace
13 August (f 6 v, f 7 r) - visit to Frogmore; dines at the Castle; walks with Lord Harcourt in the Great Court. 'The [King] brought the News of its being suspected that Robespierre & His Party had been overturned at Party ['Party' crossed out] Paris.'
15 August (f 9, f 10 r) - leaves Windsor for Weymouth; breakfasts at [Hartfordbridge]; visit to the Bishop of Salisbury and family at the Bishop's Palace; arrives at Weymouth travelling via Dorchester. 'The Town was Illuminated & at the Camp there was a very fine Bonfire'
16 August (f 10 r, f 11 r, f 12 r) - receives Lord [Poulett], Lord Hinton and George [Poulett] before breakfast; walks on Esplanade twice
19 August (f 13 v, f 14, f 15 r) - walks to Delamotte [Shop]; visit to Lady Chesterfield; 'all went Out Airing to Upway'; walked on the Esplanade. Note of an encounter on the Esplanade with a French Abbé Bayls and 'a little Portuguese Boy by the Name of Dohrman born Deaf & Dum aged 9 Years.'
21 August (f 16 r, f 17 r) - visit to Lady Buckingham; 'aired upon the Sands'; goes 'to the Camp. The Soldiers went through their Exercise without Firing…we drank Tea at Lrd Buckinghams Tent, & came away by 7 when the Royal Salute was Fini'
22 August (f 16 v, f 17 r) - on board the Southampton; visit from William [Poulett]; visit from Lady Buckingham, Lady [Poulett], Lady Charlotte Digby, and Mrs Digby
23 August (f 16 v, f 17, f 18 r) - on board the Southampton; 'saw Admiral Macbrides Fleet arrive into the Harbor, they Saluted the [King] & Sailed all ['all' crossed out] about with us all the Time we were out'; arrival of the Prince of Wales and Lord Clermont; goes to see play. List of ships in Admiral Macbride's fleet, number of guns, and the names of their captains
24 August (f 18 r, f 19 r) - goes to church; 'P. Royal was obliged to go away on account of the Heat'; drives on the Sands; goes to the Assembly [Rooms]
25 August (f 19 r, f 20 r, f 21 r) - goes to 'Portland sands to Ferry over to the [Island] of [Portland]; visit to [Chiswell]; visit to the church at Easton and trip round the rest of the island; 'into the Southampton Barge to row home'
31 August (f 23 v, f 24 r, f 25 r) - accompanies Augusta to the 'Bathing House'; goes to church; goes to Assembly [Rooms]

3 September (f 26 v, f 27 r)- on board the Southampton; 'we saw when on Board The Winchelsea Frigate Commanded by Lrd [Garlies] come in. He came on Board'; goes to see play. List of French ships destroyed by Sir John Borlase Warren's squadron
6 September (f 28 v, f 29 r) - visit to Mr and Mrs Lionel Damer in Dorchester; goes to see play; arrival of the Duke of Gloucester and Princess Sophia
7 September (f 29 v, f 30 r)- goes to church; goes to the Assembly; arrival of the Prince of Wales and Lord Clermont; arrival of the Lord Chancellor, Lord Mansfield, Mr [John] Mitford, Mr [William Augustus] Faulkner, Lord Stopford and Lady Mary Stopford
8 September (f 29 v, f 30, f 31) - wedding anniversary. Walks; visit to Lady [Poulett] visit from Lady Courtown and Lady Mary Stopford; goes to Ball
9 September (f 31 r, f 32) - goes an 'airing' in coach; King holds Cabinet Council
10 September (f 32, f 33, f 34 r) - visit to Lady Chesterfield; death of sister Christina Sophia Albertina, Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
14 September (f 35 v, f 36, f 37 r)- goes to church; walks; goes for a drive on the sands; goes to the Assembly. 'To Day we put on Morning for my Sister'; 'between 6 & 7 a Clock came into this Harbor Captain Drury in the Trusty of 74 Guns, making Signal of being Chased by the ['the' crossed out] Two French Frigates'; arrival of Mrs Montague [Burgoyne] and family
15 September (f 36 v, f 37, f 38 r) - on board the Southampton; goes to see play. List of ships in the harbour that saluted the King
16 September (f 37 v, f 38 r, f 39 r) - goes 'to the Camp where His Majesty reviewed The Buckinghamshire Militia'; breakfasts at Camp with Lady Buckingham; visit to Lady Chesterfield's Tent; goes for a drive on the Sands. Note of accidents during the Review of the Buckinghamshire Milita
17 September (f 38 v, f 39, f 40) - goes 'to Maiden Camp to see the Dorsetshire Yeomanry exercise'; goes to see play
18 September (f 40, f 41 r)- visit from Lady [Poulett]; visit from Baron Dewitz 'who is sent to bring the Garter of My late Brother the Duke'; goes to see play
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Extent1 volume (44 folios)
Physical DescriptionBooklet
Publications"The Diary of Queen Charlotte, 1789 and 1794"edited by Michael Kassler, volume 4 of the "Memoirs of the Court of George III"; Pickering and Chatto; London; 2015
NotesTransferred from the Royal Library, 1965
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